The #Coronavirus chronicles, part 5: The fate of small business owners #COVID19

Chinese Takeout - Taste Buds Kitchen

The other day, for lunch, I got a takeout order from a small place around the corner from my house. I struck up a conversation with the people working behind the counter (while maintaining the requisite six-feet social distancing, of course). I asked them how they were holding up through this crisis, and they said okay, although things were rough. The manager told me he knew of restaurants that said they would likely not reopen after the crisis was over.

This was on top of a 60 Minutes article I saw last Sunday evening about the fate of small businesses throughout this crisis. I thought about that article as I spoke to the restaurant manager.

My father was a small business owner, as is my brother, so I can empathize with these small business owners and workers who are struggling.

I am one of the lucky ones. Through this crisis, I still have a job, I am still working, and I am still receiving a paycheck. Like everyone else, my normal routine has been disrupted — no gym, band rehearsal, or any other extracurricular activities, so I’ve been largely stuck in my house. So far, however, I’ve been lucky enough to withstand the financial storm gripping the world. That said, I also feel for those who are not so lucky.

In the past, I’ve had friends of mine tell me that, rather than spending $18 for a haircut, they bought a hair clipper and just use that on their heads. For that matter, I’ve even heard rumors of Flowbees making a comeback. Personally, I’m willing to spend the $18 each time to get my hair cut. The people who work in barbershops and hair salons need to eat, too.

When this ordeal is over, or even before it’s over, go out and solicit small businesses as much as possible. When it comes to our economy, they are unsung heroes.


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