#REST101: Pardon me, I’m RESTing

As my job hunt has progressed (or stalled, depending on what the case may be), I see a lot of programmer and developer jobs that look for REST API experience. While I do have object-oriented programming experience, a lot of it came about before REST became a widespread term. And since I’ve been out of the developer’s loop for a while, I figure that I should do more to get my hands dirty with REST APIs.

I was recently asked about a developer position in which I was asked about my REST API experience. The response I received (and I’m paraphrasing here) was something to the effect of, “your credentials are impressive, but I don’t see a lot of REST API experience.” Unfortunately for me, that was an accurate statement. The closest I came to a RESTful experience was a project in a previous job where I worked on a project with ASP.NET MVC, which, by its nature, was a RESTful technology, but otherwise, I don’t have a lot of experience with REST APIs.

So, consider this my first article in which I talk about REST APIs. These articles will be preceded by the #REST101 hashtag.

For this first article in this series, I’ll list a few REST tutorial links (that, admittedly, I’m posting for my own reference). I went out and did a Google search for REST API. Among other things, here are some interesting links that I found.

So if you’re a budding developer, and like me, you’re looking to learn more about REST APIs, come along with me. Let’s learn about this together.