An Orange Bucket List – 20 Public Activities on the Syracuse University Campus

I came across this ‘blog related to my beloved undergraduate alma mater, and decided to reblog. I had no idea there was a bagel shop in Hendrick’s Chapel!

Wanderlust... on a Budget

Okay, we’ve gone long enough without talking about the heart of Syracuse, and that is the Syracuse University campus. As an alumna, employee, and Syracuse basketball fan, the “city on the hill” holds an important spot in my heart. SU’s campus is a great place to wander around, particularly on a nice summer evening or autumn afternoon. Everyone seems to have their favorite spot on campus – whether as a place to study, spot to relax, or café to meet up with friends. So, I’ve brainstormed a ‘bucket list’ of things to do on the SU campus.


  1. Walk up the stairs that lead to the Hall of Languages – the center and origin of the SU campus. It’s a beautiful ivy-covered building that is as old as the university itself. Pass by the tulips planted in memorial to the students we lost on Pan Am flight 103; pay your respects.
  2. Abraham Lincoln StatueSit on…

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The Migration Checklist

I am working on a future presentation regarding checklists. I saw this post from my friend, Steve Jones, and I figured it was worth a reblog (not to mention that I can refer to this for my reference).

Voice of the DBA

One of the things I always recommend is that when you upgrade a SQL Server instance, you perform a side by side migration to a new host instead of an in-place upgrade. My main concern is risk. While the upgrade process is fairly smooth, I still have hiccups installing SQL Server at times, and for a live server, the last thing I want to do is have to uninstall SQL Server and reinstall an old version.

Apart from the risk, I also think an upgrade is a great time to refresh hardware. If you’re paying for the latest bits, I’d spend a little more for newer hardware if I can. The cost usually isn’t much compared to SQL licenses, especially these days with hardware being very cheap and powerful. New hardware also gives me a staging place to test the migrations, without disturbing the existing system.

Planning the migration across…

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