The video job interview

I had an interesting situation come up today regarding my job search. I received an email requesting an interview.

Ordinarily, this wouldn’t be an unusual situation, but there are some things that make this unique. I won’t say too much about the potential job — the interviewing and job search process is still going on, so I shouldn’t talk too much about it — but I do need to mention a few things to put this into context.

  • This is the second interview for a firm with which I had an over-the-phone interview last week.
  • The interview will be held via a video conference, which will be a first for me. I’ve done phone and in-person interviews, but I have never before done an interview via a video chat.
  • The job in question is completely remote — and that’s even without the COVID-19 crisis. I would be working from home (or wherever I’d like — heck, I could probably work with a laptop on a beach if I knew I could be productive). In all likelihood, I would never see the inside of an office.

Given the above circumstances, I had a question: how do I dress for a video job interview? I’ve never had this situation before; in fact, I even posted the question to both Twitter and Facebook. I had a number of answers come back. Some people said I should dress like I would for a normal interview (suit and tie), while others said I shouldn’t. Nearly everyone agreed that I should do more than casually dress, and that I should at least trim my beard (the COVID-19 beard that I’ve grown over the past several weeks), if not outright shave, and neaten myself up. In other words, don’t look like a slob.

(I should also note, by the way, that I could use a haircut. However, since all barbershops and beauty salons are shut down for COVID-19, and I don’t own a set of clippers, that isn’t an option right now. I’ll have to settle for washing my hair and grooming it as best I can.)

Right now, I intend to follow the advice from my friend, Thomas Grohser. I’ve attended his interviewing session at SQL Saturday several times; you can see his video presentation from the PASS Professional Development virtual group here. The relevant statement to my situation appears at 56:21 in the video: dress according to what the company does. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Since I’m interviewing for a work-at-home job, I don’t seriously think that they’d expect me to wear a tie at home. (By the way, in his presentation, Thomas suggests looking at the company’s website — which I did — and look for employee photos — which they have.) At the same time, I still need to make a decent impression.

So right now, my game plan is to go with a collared button-down shirt without a tie and make sure I’m well-groomed. I think that should make for a good video interview impression.

Now to tackle the next question: should I bother wearing pants…?

One thought on “The video job interview

  1. I always ask what the environment is in the phone interview. I want to know the culture, so I’m prepared for an in person interview. Even though I’m a Hawaiian shirts and shorts guy, I’d dress up slightly more than the culture for the interview.

    If you have no idea, I’d dress completely up with an ironed button down Oxford, khakis, and shoes. In case I have to stand up for some reason, I’d be ready.

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