The #Coronavirus chronicles, part 9: Going into business for myself, part 3 #COVID19

Yes, two “parts” in one post. Go figure.

So, now when someone asks me, “what did you do to improve yourself during the COVID-19 crisis?”, I can now say that I started my own business!

Well, at least I will be able to do so soon, anyway! Technically, I can say that I have my own business, even though I am not yet in business; last week, I registered an LLC. My thinking is that, at my age, there is a lot more uncertainty each time I lose a job, and as I get older, that uncertainty gets greater. I figured that the time was right to start my own venture, so I did so. I’m not quite open for business just yet — I still have some things left to do — but at least I can now refer to myself as a president and CEO!

I won’t kid. This is a little scary. I’ve never had my own business before, so I’m venturing into uncharted waters. Then again, doing something new adds to professional growth. As I’ve written before, you won’t get anywhere unless you step out of your comfort zone.

And by the way, I did have a phone interview last week as well. If I do end up landing another job, I will keep my new venture going. Even in just a few days, I’ve already invested quite a bit into it, so I might as well keep it going. Even if I’m employed elsewhere, it would make for a nice little side gig.

So, what did you do during your Coronavirus quarantine?

3 thoughts on “The #Coronavirus chronicles, part 9: Going into business for myself, part 3 #COVID19

  1. Good luck, Ray. Hope it works out and you grow the business and find a sense of security as well. I do agree with the worry as you age. It’s partially age, partially cost v value. Often we don’t necessarily bring a very high perceived value compared to a very high wage (relative). I do worry this pandemic will allow companies to get rid of some older workers and aim for younger ones.

    Good for my kid, going into aero engineering, bad for older engineers that might not perform or have upset someone.

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