Upcoming speaking engagements (as of 11/19/2019)

Now that PASS Summit is over, I am not scheduled to speak at any more events. Greg did ask me to do a lightning talk about my experience at PASS Summit at our next local user group meeting, but other than that, I’m pretty much finished for 2019.

This isn’t to say I haven’t submitted to anything for 2020. Here’s where I’ve submitted, as of today.

  • Chicago, March 21: If I’m picked to speak here, it would break new ground for me. Excluding PASS Summit, every SQL Saturday and user group meeting where I’ve spoken have all been within fairly reasonable driving distance from my home in Troy, NY. Chicago is not within reasonable driving distance for me. If I’m selected, my game plan would be to ride out on Amtrak on Thursday night into Friday morning, and return that Saturday night. We’ll see what happens!

I had originally submitted to Boston BI on March 28, but had to withdraw due to a conflict.

I’m also contemplating submitting to Virginia Beach on June 13. It’s a long way for me to drive. We’ll see!

I have other possible talks in the works, as well as save-the-date SQL Saturdays to which I intend to submit. They include:

As usual, I’ll update my schedule as dates come up. Stay tuned!

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