PASS Summit — Checklists, schedules, and itineraries #PASSSummit

With less than a week until I depart for PASS Summit, I’m starting to think about what I need to prepare for my trip out to the West Coast.

I signed up for, and was accepted, to host a Birds Of A Feather table! On Friday (Nov. 8), I will be facilitating discussion at the Storytelling and Visualization table! If you are into visual presentation of data analytics, come to my table! People who are into UX/UI and design/layout are also encouraged to join me at my table!

Other than clothes for four days (you can still pick my wardrobe before I leave!*), I need to make sure I remember to bring certain items, such as:

  • My presentation clicker
  • Lots of business cards
  • A tie (not to wear, but for my presentation — those of you who’ve been to my presentation know what I’m talking about!)
  • My laptop (for general use, not my presentation — they’re providing a laptop for that)
  • My presentation on a flash drive

Am I forgetting anything?

(*Speaking of picking my wardrobe, I pretty much just threw the poll together. That said, after one day, based on some comments I’ve received, it looks like I’ll be wearing my fraternity hat and lots of orange. And there are a lot of Yankee haters out there!)

So, as of right now, my tentative PASS Summit schedule looks something like this (and I’m posting this mainly for my own reference):

Tuesday, Nov. 5

Wednesday, Nov. 6

(*I am by no means limiting myself to just these sessions; rather, these are the ones that seem to interest me.)

Thursday, Nov. 7

Friday, Nov. 8

There are probably other items on my itinerary that I’m missing, but that’s pretty much the gist of my plans. I reserve the right to change it at my whim! I’ll be keeping an eye on the activities page and the #PASSSummit Twitter feed as I go along.

Only five days until I depart!