PASS Summit — Volunteer opportunities

Those of you who know me know how much I like to be involved with things — well, within reason, that is; there’s a fine line between volunteering and sticking your nose somewhere it doesn’t belong. That said, with PASS Summit only five weeks away (!!!), I’m discovering opportunities to volunteer at Summit (as if my presentation opportunity wasn’t enough)!

This morning, my monthly PASS Connector newsletter showed up in my inbox. Among other things, this month’s issue talked about a number of things regarding the upcoming Summit, including the Buddy Program (I’m still waiting to hear from my buddy, by the way) and the two games nights. My friend Matt is hosting the Thursday games night. I would absolutely love to attend his session, but the only thing stopping me is the fact that my own presentation is scheduled for 8 am the next morning. It would not reflect well on me if I overslept and missed my own session! So, I’ll likely go on Wednesday night instead. (Sorry, Matt!)

One thing mentioned in the newsletter was a volunteer opportunity for which I decided to sign up. One of the activities I’ve heard a lot about is the Birds Of A Feather luncheon. It’s a lunchtime networking opportunity where people are able to sit at tables with other people of mutual interests. When I saw that PASS offered an opportunity to volunteer as a moderator for these tables, I decided to sign up!

Volunteering can take you places. (I have some more thoughts about this; look for it in a future ‘blog article.) Such opportunities got me in as a PASS Summit speaker. And volunteering provides a service for whatever organization you choose to support. It’s a win-win for all.